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Joshua Grading and Excavation
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Joshua Grading and Excavating

Offering Solutions That Matter

Rail systems are the crucial arteries of our nation, putting our economy and prosperity in motion. But to keep the movement of trade, people, and goods on track, we must take the necessary steps and due diligence to keep our rail networks pushing forward free from disruption.

Joshua Grading and Excavating is your one-stop solution for all rail-related management and maintenance in California, Arizona, Nevada & Utah. We know the importance of rail management and maintenance to prevent disaster before it strikes. We have the expertise, equipment, and experienced team to get the job done right, safely, and in a manner that gets trains back on track and rolling into its station on time.

Joshua Grading and Excavating

Our Services

Joshua Grading and Excavating offers a full suite of rail maintenance and management services. We’ll solve any train and rail issues relating to derailment, washout, and track repair and maintenance. Explore everything we can do for you to get your trains back on track.

Derailment Services

Track Division

Right Of Way Management

Load Adjustments & Transfers

Joshua Grading and Excavating

Emergency Response 24/7

We can’t predict when rail emergencies are going to take place, and neither can you. But when they do, you can trust Joshua Grading and Excavating to be standing by for you no matter the day or hour. In times of emergency, choose Joshua Grading and Excavation to get your trains back in motion.