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Derailment Services, California, Arizona, Nevada and Utah and More

Derailment Services, California, Arizona, Nevada and Utah

Expert SOlutions When You Need It Most

Train derailment is the worst possible outcome for rail operations. They can cause delays, backups, damage to cargo, infrastructure, and train cars. Derailments are detrimental to everyone involved in a train logistics network. Our services are dedicated to coming alongside the railroad authority when these incidents do occur.

Joshua Grading & Excavating has the technical expertise and specialized equipment to handle and rehabilitate derailment sites, improve the surrounding areas, and get trains back on track.

Derailment Services, California, Arizona, Nevada and Utah

Our Derailment Solutions

Site Recovery

Depending on the cargo being carried, train derailments can an event that requires immediate attention. Joshua is your solution for derailment recovery. We’ll provide a thorough and extensive derailment site cleanup to return the right-of-way to its proper condition.

Car Rerailing

In the case of minor derailments, train cars may still be suitable for use. JGE’s experienced team of equipment operators will re-rail derailed cars to restore train operations as soon as possible.

Car Removal

Major derailment events may leave train cars damaged and unusable for future operations. Getting those cars away from the site and properly disposed of and recycled is one of our top priorities. This will allow us to properly clean the rest of the derailment site and get train operations back on schedule.

Derailment Services, California, Arizona, Nevada and Utah

Be Prepared When Disaster Strikes

There’s no way to predict derailments, so Joshua is standing by 24/7 to handle any train derailments. Partner with Joshua Grading & Excavating to be a part of your emergency response plan.

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