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You can trust Joshua Grading and Excavating, Inc to handle all of your load adjustment and transfer needs. We have years of experience and the right equipment to handle any railroad service. All we need from you is a detailed description of your load so we can offer tailored solutions to get you back on track.

No load is out of our reach at Joshua Grading and Excavating. With our fleet of top-of-the-line heavy equipment, we can safely and efficiently handle transfers of any weight and size.

Load Adjustment services

Load Adjustments California

Our SErvices

Load Adjustments

We’re prepared to do whatever it takes to get your load secured for safe transportation. Our load adjustment services will get your cargo blocked, braced, reorganized, and placed in the right positions for easy travel.

Heavy Equipment Transfers

Whether your load is going from car to car or car to truck, Joshua Grading and Excavating will get it on its right course. Our heavy equipment can handle load transfers of any shape and size, from entire containers to loose items, so your cargo can get where it needs to be safely and on time.

Load Adjustments Phelan CA

Emergency Response

When disaster strikes, Joshua Grading and Excavating is standing by to ensure your load is intact and your cars on track. Whether a load needs to be reorganized for continued safe travel or a derailed load needs transferring our emergency services will cover your needs at the direst of times.