Expert Rail Maintenance and Management Services in Arizona

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Expert Grading & Excavating Services

The expansive desert and winding tracks through Arizona make proper railway management and maintenance crucial. At Joshua’s Grading & Excavating, we provide a complete set of rail maintenance and management services in Arizona that are designed to protect your cargo and staff while maximizing efficiency.

Thanks to our experience and expertise, you can always count on us to deliver the most comprehensive support. In addition to responding to emergencies, we also provide scheduled maintenance that will keep your trains on track.

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24-Hour Railway Care

Your tracks are always moving, so your maintenance team should be, too. Our emergency and scheduled rail maintenance and management services in Arizona are always available.

Through comprehensive maintenance plans, we address every facet of your railway to ensure it’s always running smoothly. This includes:

    • Expert ballast maintenance — The ballast is the most important element of your track’s safety. We make sure that the foundation is always properly maintained and correct any issues with expertise. 
    • Culvert Installations and Repair — To make sure water can easily flow beneath tracks, our expert team places culverts and repairs them as needed. This essential piece of infrastructure is never thought of by the public, but we know how vital it is to not only protect your trains but the land and local areas as well. 
    • Emergency Washout Repair and Prevention — Washout from a natural disaster can bring your trains to a screeching halt. If rocks, flooding, or other obstacles suddenly block your tracks, our team will clear them and make repairs to the ballast as needed. We’ll also take preventative measures to stop future washout from impacting your railway. 

Right-of-Way Maintenance in Arizona

Right-of-way maintenance is a matter of ongoing land clearing and keen observation. In addition to developing proper drainage systems, our team also ensures vegetation does not become an obstacle.

For both emergency situations and routine needs, the team at Joshua’s Grading & Excavating will ensure your ROW is completely clear of any debris or unwanted growth and optimized for performance.

Load Adjustments & Heavy Equipment Transfer Services

When you need someone to help manage your load, or assist with a heavy equipment transfer, you can count on us. Our team has the training and knowledge it takes to operate heavy-duty equipment and make adjustments to loads of all weights and sizes. 

We will carefully move, balance, block, brace, and position any load so your train can get back on the tracks. We’ll also assist with the transfer of large equipment, whether it be agricultural equipment, construction machinery, or mining equipment. 

Our team is highly skilled and experienced in these types of high-risk transfers, so we know how to not only operate safely but work fast enough to keep your trains on time.

Derailment Services — Never Be Stranded Again

When a car or entire train derails, you need someone you can count on. We will dispatch our emergency team immediately to assist railroad authorities with site rehabilitation. 

In addition to rerailing cars, we can also remove them. If they are irreparable, we’ll ensure they’re safely disposed of and properly recycled. 

There is never a wrong time to call us. We have 24-hour support and an emergency team ready to assist. We handle every aspect of clearing and repairing the derailment site to help prevent future issues from arising.

Contact Us for Expert Rail Maintenance and Management Services in Arizona

At Joshua’s Grading and Excavating, our team of dedicated, highly trained railway specialists are always available to assist. With our expertise, you can always know that your tracks are being maintained by true experts. Please get in touch with us today if you would like to discuss how our services can help you. If you need emergency rail assistance in Arizona, please call (760) 949-5867.