Expert Rail Maintenance and Management Services in California

Grading & Excavating

Expert Grading & Excavating Services

Proper railway administration and repair are essential. Joshua’s Grading & Excavating offers a full range of rail management and maintenance services in California that are created to safeguard your personnel and cargo while maximizing effectiveness.

Because of our knowledge and skill, you can rely on us to provide the most thorough help. We perform routine maintenance to keep your trains on schedule in addition to responding to emergencies.

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24-Hour Railway Care

Your tracks are constantly changing, and your repair crew must also adapt. We provide scheduled and emergency rail repair and management services throughout California.

We take care of every aspect of your railway through thorough maintenance programs to make sure it is constantly operating efficiently. This comprises:

Expert ballast maintenance – Your track’s ballast is its most crucial safety component. We guarantee that the foundation is always kept in good condition and expertly resolves any problems. 

Culvert Installations and Repair -Our skilled staff installs culverts and fixes them as necessary to ensure that water may easily flow beneath railroads. The general public never considers this crucial component of infrastructure, but we are aware of how important it is to safeguard not only your trains but also the surrounding region and the surrounding property. 

Emergency Washout Repair and Prevention – Natural disaster washout might cause your trains to come to a grinding halt. Our team will clear any obstructions that suddenly impede your tracks, such as boulders, water, or other hazards, and will also make any necessary ballast repairs. Additionally, we’ll take precautions to ensure that future washout won’t harm your railway.

Right-of-Way Maintenance in California

The upkeep of right-of-ways requires constant land clearing and careful surveillance. Our staff creates suitable drainage systems and ensures that vegetation does not become a barrier.

Joshua’s Grading & Excavating crew will ensure that your ROW is entirely clear of any debris or unwanted vegetation and maximized for performance in emergencies and routine situations.

Load Adjustments & Heavy Equipment Transfer Services

You can rely on us if you require assistance with load management or a transfer of big machinery. Our team has the education and experience necessary to operate heavy machinery and modify loads of all weights and dimensions. 

To help your train return to the tracks, we will carefully move, balance, block, brace, and position any loads. Whether it’s mining equipment, construction equipment, or agricultural equipment, we’ll also help with the transfer of large equipment

Because of our team’s extensive training and experience in these high-risk transfers, we know how to do so safely and quickly enough to keep your trains on schedule. 

Never Get Stranded Again with Derailment Services

You need someone you can depend on when a whole train or an automobile derails. Our emergency crew will immediately be sent out to help the railroad authorities with site restoration. 

Cars can be taken off the rails as well as rerailed. If they cannot be fixed, we will make sure they are recycled appropriately and safely. 

There’s never a bad time to give us a ring. We have an emergency team on call and help available round-the-clock. To avoid reoccurring problems, we handle every part of cleaning up and repairing the derailment site.  

Contact Us for Expert Rail Maintenance and Management Services in California

Our staff of devoted, highly skilled railway specialists are always on hand to help at Joshua’s Grading and Excavating. With our experience, you can be sure that only actual experts are taking care of your tracks. 

Please contact us today if you want to discuss how our services can help you.

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