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Expert Grading & Excavating Services

Thousands of trains carry cargo and passengers through Nevada each year. This expansive state’s often rough and flat terrain serves as a vital crossing point for dozens of railroads hauling both local and cross-country freight. This is why you need expert rail maintenance and management services in Nevada. 

To make sure your tracks are always maintained and to get emergency service when you need it, the team at Joshua’s Grading & Excavating can help.

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24-Hour Railway Care

Nothing matters more to us than ensuring our customers’ railways are always properly maintained. Our safety-first mindset ensures that we take preventative steps to ensure your tracks are always in the best condition; we also respond to repair needs with a proactive mindset, asking ourselves what we can do to prevent issues from arising again in the future.

You can count on us to perform railway maintenance on an emergency or recurring monthly basis. Our on-demand, flexible services include: 

    • Ballast maintenance The ballast is the base of your entire operation; without it, you can’t expect safe passage or reliable performance for your trains. Our maintenance services use the latest technology and equipment to keep the foundation of your railway infrastructure flawless. 
    • Professional Washout Repair & Restoration  — Washout in Nevada is common, and it can leave trains stranded and routes stalled for dozens of miles. Our team will carefully clear away the debris and repair any damage caused to your tracks by the washout. We’ll also take additional steps to help prevent damage to your ballasts in the event of another washout.
    • Railway Culvert Installation & Repair  — Our team can expertly design, place, and maintain culverts on any track to ensure proper water flow. This not only protects your tracks and trains but the surrounding area as well. 

Right-of-Way Maintenance in Nevada

Nevada may not have as much overgrowth as some areas, but right-of-way maintenance is still important. Our team will perform regular maintenance to keep your ROW clear and free of any debris. We also offer urgent and emergency maintenance removal and land clearing services.

Our extensive fleet of heavy-duty equipment includes a dump truck, water truck, over 30 pick-up trucks, and excavation equipment that can handle any job with ease.

In addition to land clearing, we also offer drainage services that protect your tracks and trains from flooding; we can also trench and install custom drainage solutions that prevent common water damages and reduce the risk of harm to your assets.

Load Adjustments & Heavy Equipment Transfer Services

No matter what type of freight you haul or the cargo you carry, the team behind Joshua’s Grading & Excavating deliver professional and timely load adjustments. We have the equipment and skill to manage any case, so no job is too big or small.

After you provide us with a detailed description of the load, we’ll select the appropriate equipment and deliver fast, effective solutions.

In addition to loading and unloading, we can also block, brace, and reposition cargo as needed. Our heavy equipment transfer services allow us to effortlessly move heavy equipment from car to car or from one train another.

Derailment Services — Never Be Stranded Again

A derailed train is a nightmare to even imagine, but the logistics of trying to figure out how to fix it can be incomprehensible. Let our team handle it; if you ever have a train or car fall off the tracks, our team will be on-site right away. 

We can rerail cars that have fallen off track, and for those that need to be removed, we can transfer them safely to the appropriate site. In cases a car cannot be fixed, our team will handle the disposal and responsible recycling for you.

Throughout the process, we collaborate with railroad authorities to make sure that the derailment site is rehabilitated properly. With 24-hour service, you can always count on us in the most dire situations.

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The team at Joshua’s Grading & Excavating is always here to provide the support your company needs. With years of experience and industry expertise, we are the premier rail maintenance and management company throughout Utah, California, Nevada, and Arizona. Please contact us today if you would like to discuss our services. Contact us 24/7 at (760) 949-5867 for emergency assistance.